my dad be puttin me on sometimes
when you basically hack your metabolism to where you're dead when you wake up and you were already anemic so now you HAVE TO eat more, along w/ the iron supplements hfkfijsjso amber problems
rah digga is littterally a legend
and i just share 9 percent of it with y'all :)
i've never actually liked wearing makeup bruh (foundation, concealer, primer, mascara, etc.) EXCEPT for eyelashes and eyeshadow. bc it stops my natural skin from glowing and breathing!! wtf lmao
if you like SAFiYAH's Mix^...
☿☻don't be afraid to be, love, and awaken yourself and fulfill your purpose at all times-- just leave these mfs behind omg i promise you'll be fine!!☻☿
girls who lift weights>>>
november 2020 issue
i made my own vegan pho and i promise you ill never step foot in pho lucky again bby
⋆ the gemstone of May
⋆ symbolizes rebirth, intuition, revelations, wisdom
⋆ stone of successful love
⋆ a heart chakra stone

my sweet ass customized loading screen
me hosting the girls with drinks i made
why did i get the tray so big...
this wasn't even the beginning...
rose quartz, amethyst, amazonite, sodalite, green aventurine, black tourmaline, blue apatite, carnelian, citrine, and clear quartz
since i was a youngin i've been wanting to move to H-town
alor succulent
parlor palm
*i've been a plant mommy before but lets just say my thumb wasn't green enough and CPS did their thing*