Dj Nyx is a native Detroit musician/disc jockey [amongst other things]. Her love for all things music began when she'd got ahold of her parents' iPods and listened to hundreds of songs including Prince, Tupac, Al Jarreau, Michael Franks, and many more greats. Her parents signed her up for her first piano lesson at the age of 8 and she has composed countless sheets of music on piano, B clarinet, guitar, and violin (she prefers the clarinet). Her interest in djing came about at the beginning of her high school years once she was able to buy her first Pioneer dj controller. She has been transcending her style of music ever since.

Boundaries? When it comes to music, Nyx knows none. The goddess makes it a daily effort to put on for esoteric, underground, original artists and sounds. She believes the quote her partner once said is the best way to describe why she does such a thing: "The best art comes from those that don't fit the normal standard of beauty [in any form],". Nyx aims to please her audience because that is her job, but she will not hesitate keep you on your toes with something you've never heard, and a reminder to sit up straight.